Hypothyroidism can occur at any age, but is more frequent in the elderly, and it is estimated that up to 5% of people over 60 years of age are hypothyroid with an estimated market size for patients who do not respond to T4 replacement therapy alone (T4 non-responders) of $0.6 billion per annum worldwide. Diurnal is finalising plans for formulation feasibility work on a modified release formulation of the T3 hormone for patients suffering from hypothyroidism. It is anticipated that this may address the need of approximately 5-10% of patients who have a poor quality of life on current thyroxine replacement therapy (Wiersinga 2014).

Article by W.M. Wiersinga entitled ‘Paradigm shifts in thyroid hormone replacement therapies for hypothyroidism’ published in Nature Reviews Endocrinology (2014) Mar; 10(3): 164-74.